Placement Input Letters due APRIL 19

Dear Sope Creek Families, Our class placement process for the 2019-2020 school year will begin soon. We are excited to start this process with the aim being to match your child with a teacher that will meet her/his educational needs, and we are thankful to have a wonderful teaching staff with the ability to do so. We take the placement process seriously at Sope Creek. Our multi-step process is designed to give all the school personnel who have worked with a child input into their placement. We pay close attention to the students’ learning styles and strengths, academic performance and work/study habits. We also attempt to include an equal number of boys and girls in each class and make certain that the make-up of the students is as heterogeneous as possible. We are proud of this well-planned process and the dedication of the staff to ensure that nearly 1,200 students are carefully placed. We welcome parental input into this process according to the following guidelines: • A description of the learning environment that best suits your child may be included. • The names of up to two children who should be separated from him/her may be included. • If you would prefer for your child to have a different teacher than one an older sibling has experienced, feel free to write a short note stating this and be sure to include the name of the past teacher. • Requests for specific teachers will NOT be honored. • Individual conferences with administrators or counselors will not be conducted regarding placement for next year. Due to the careful process that is outlined above, all placement correspondence must be received no later than April 19. No letters will be accepted after this date. Please drop your letter off in the front office or email to Thank you for the trust you place in us to care for your children’s academic needs as well as their development into well-rounded, engaged learners.  Please know that with or without a parent letter, each Sope Creek student will be placed with thoughtful care and consideration. Sincerely, D. Daugherty, PhD Principal Sope Creek Elementary School 

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