Totality 2017: Solar Eclipse Information

Cobb County School District has extended the school day by 45 minutes on August 21, 2017 due to the solar eclipse. With safety being our top priority, here is some information on how our school will approach the day.

From 2:00-3:00 pm, only students in grades 3-12 with permission slips and approved glasses may view the eclipse outside.

The eclipse will be streamed throughout the building for all k-2 students and any students without a permission slip.

The front office will not be checking students out after 1:45 pm. Dismissal will begin at 3:05 pm.

The District has made a determination that any student that is absent on Monday, August 21 will be excused with a note from the parent.

In order for the student to be counted as present for that day, they must be in school until 11:15 a.m. For coding purposes, we will count students as present if they attend half day.

Although only our upper grades are allowed to be out there during peak hours (2:00-3:00), all students will receive a pair of glasses as a memento for this event.

Please click here for additional information.

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