Boosterthon Weekend Challenge

Happy Friday Soaring Eagles,

A big thank you for all of the continued participation on the fourth day of the Backyard Box Office! Today's Character Act was "Rally a Team". We learned of Alex Triestman and his company Brickshare. Brickshare gathers and assembles Legos that help children in need. Like Alex, we will challenge the students to "Rally a Team" by getting family and friends involved in their difference-making ideas.

Current Top Classes

K - Pfleger

1st Grade- White

2nd Grade- Yim

3rd Grade- Lowrie

4th Grade- Bentley

5th Grade- Rowlette/Brown

50 State Challenge

We are only 4 States away from completing our challenge. Do you have friends or family that live in Idaho, Alaska, West Virginia or Oklahoma? If so, let them know about our event and the challenge.

Special Weekend Challenge!!!When Sope Creek Families get $3 per lap or more in new pledges, they will earn their regular rewards plus the BONUS reward: The Flip Out Frames! Let’s have a great weekend!!

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