Update from Boosterthon Central

Hello Soaring Eagles!

Today, we watched our first film and learned the first step in making a difference- Find a Need. The most important questions to ask when we are trying to make a difference are "What am I good at?" and "Who needs help?" If you would like to view the videos go to Funrun.com and watch the inspiring stories that are helping to shape our event.

Fast Facts:

After Night Two, here are the top classes for each grade

Kindergarten: Apodaca

1st Grade: White

2nd Grade: Defoor/Bradley

3rd Grade: Tunac

4th Grade: Bentley

5th Grade: Rowlett/Brown

50 State Challenge: We are currently 7 states away from reaching all 50!!!

If you know anyone that lives in: MT, ID, NM, OK, AK, WI, WV or VT send them an email and let them know we want to reach their state

Tonight's Challenge: The Top 5 students in the school with the most pledges tonight will get to PIE the Boosterton team!

Have a great night and get ready for another fun filled day

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