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In case of severe weather and dismissal delays, we will send out communication through Blackboard Connect. Please make sure you are signed up to receive this important information.

Blackboard Connect - This allows the district and Sope Creek to send phone messages, emails, or texts. You choose the way in which you'd like to receive messages. Here at Sope Creek, phone messages are used very infrequently. Most of our "robocalls" are actually robo-emails and robo-texts.

Sope Creek Twitter - This serves as our live feed from our website. As many of you know, feedblitz updates come once a day and usually late at night. Our twitter feed will give you instant notification of any posts to our main school site.

Cobb Schools Twitter - During the recent inclement weather, CCSD was updating to their twitter feed a little faster than the website. They also share a lot of the good news stories occurring in our schools.

Phone Calls - We are rapidly becoming a cell-phone preferred society. However, many times when we call, parents don't answer because they don't recognize our number. Please program the following phone numbers into your cell as "Sope Creek" so we can connect more efficiently:

  • 770-916-7094

  • 770-916-7095

  • 770-916-7096

  • 770-916-7097

Websites and Blogs - Our county website is easy to use and hosts a lot of important information. Our Sope Creek main site contains information specific to our community - upcoming school events, contact information for our staff, and links to our teachers' blogs.

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