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2020 - 2021

Registration for Grades 1 - 5

Kindergarten  Registration for next year is on a separate page (HERE)!

      Registration for 1-5 students NEW to Cobb County will be completed online.

  • Please have the 5 required documents (listed below) available before beginning the process. You will be required to upload these documents.

  • Online Registration:   Click HERE

If your registration is complete and documents are approved, you will receive a confirmation email during the summer.


If your registration and required documents are not complete, then we will email you and you may be required to complete your registration at Sope Creek. The tentative date for this summer registration is July 15. We will post any updates to this date on the Sope Creek website as we get closer.


Registration for students in grades 1-5 who are currently attending a Cobb County school or who have attended a Cobb County school in the past will be done in person and is tentatively scheduled for July 15. We will post any updates to this date on the Sope Creek website as we get closer. You can use this time to gather all the documents that you will need to register your student, including:


  • A completed paper registration form: Click HERE for the form.

  • The 5 required documents for registration listed below.

      Required Documents

      You will need to bring hard copies of each of the 5 required documents:

  • Georgia Certificate of Immunization (Form 3231)

    • o   Marked COMPLETE or with a Future Expiration Date

  • Georgia Certificate of Hearing, Vision, Dental, and Nutritional Screening (Form 3300)

    • Dated less than one year from enrollment date

  • Proof of Birth Date (Birth Certificate, Passport, etc.)

  • Two proofs of Residency (One from each category below)

    • 1) Home ownership title/ mortgage statement OR current Lease/Rental Agreement and

    • 2) Current utility bill (water, power or gas)

  • Social Security Card


For DETAILED enrollment requirements along with policies and regulations, please visit the