Sope Creek Elementary School, a 30-year old public school in East Cobb County, is a kindergarten through fifth grade school. It is one of the largest Cobb County Elementary schools with a population of about 1200 students. Sope Creek is known for innovative learning, high expectations, and great family involvement. 
We were named after nearby Sope Creek, part of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Center.  This natural preserve is rich in history and ecology!  Each year, many of our students have the opportunity to explore their science standards of ecosytems, animal classification, and scientific thinking at Sibley Pond.  At Sope Creek, we believe that hands-on, active learning is the best way for students to learn and grow!
Speaking of active learning, our innovative staff knows the benefit of incorporating movement throughout the learning day.  Our PE coaches have conducted research projects that prove a student's decreasing mile time actually leads to increased learning!  You can read more by CLICKING HERE or watching this movie!