Professional School Counselors

Professional School Counselors

Jennifer Frederick  {email}

1st Grade  (Howard/Bolte, Sette, Stephenson, & Wetherell)

3rd Grade

4th Grade

Mrs. Frederick is available Monday through Friday by appointment. 

Lisa Hunt  {email}


1st Grade  (Craig, Nanney, Skaar & White)

2nd Grade

Mrs. Hunt is available Monday through Friday by appointment.

Claire Murphy {email}

5h Grade 

Special Education classes:  Brown, James, & Viggiani.

Ms. Murphy is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday by appointment. 


Our Vision:

All Sope Creek Elementary School students will be empowered to meet their social/emotional, academic, and career goals.  They will be responsible 21st Century leaders, stewards and ethical citizens.   

Our vision for students is based on the beliefs that: 

  • All students have dignity and worth 

  • All students can learn 

  • All students can be responsible members of society who respect themselves and others 

  • All students have the right to participate in a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate school counseling program delivered by state certified school counselors. 

  • All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial, sexual, and developmental differences and special needs are valued and considered in planning and implementing the school counseling program. 

  • All students benefit from a strong home/school/community partnership 

  • All students benefit from primary prevention  

  • All students benefit from a risk-free learning environment 


Our Mission: 

The mission of the school counseling program at Sope Creek Elementary School is to provide comprehensive, developmentally appropriate services addressing the academic, career and social/emotional well-being of all students.  We implement a program designed to promote student achievement, responsible and ethical behavior, and personal growth in order to prepare them to meet the challenges of their global generation.  We collaborate with all stakeholders, including teachers, parents, students, and community members to ensure that all students develop the beliefs, knowledge, and skills necessary for success in our changing society.