Advanced Content

What is the availability for next year?

Sope Creek Elementary will offer 4th and 5th grade Advanced Content classes in ELA/Reading and Math.  Placement is determined by criteria.

How will Advanced Content impact Target?

The AC model should not impact the Target resource model.  Not all gifted students may qualify for AC courses at the elementary level.  Students who qualify for both will be expected to attend a full day of Target classes.

What is the Advanced Content model?

- Homogeneous grouping on the basis of academic performance/achievement in a specific academic content area

- Classes include gifted and highly able students who have demonstrated exceptional ability and motivation in a particular content area

- Placement is determined by criteria

How will AC instruction be delivered?

AC students will be clustered together all day into a homeroom class where they receive AC math and AC ELA/Reading from the same teacher.

Middle School Advanced Content

Elementary students in the Advanced Content program do not automatically qualify for advanced classes in middle school. 


Middle school advanced content criteria and placement is a local school decision.  If you have questions regarding the placement criteria for your local feeder school, please contact that school directly.

What is the criteria for Advanced Placement?

ELA/Reading Criteria
Math Criteria

CoVid19 Revised Criteria for 2020 - 2021 School Year Only

ELA/Reading Criteria
Math Criteria
AC Criteria 2020 Math.JPG
AC Criteria 2020 ELA.JPG